WIF invites partners to

invest in blue carbon mangrove restoration.

Presently we have opportunities to plant on 100,000 Ha available land in Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka in Asia, and in Gambia, West Africa.  For 2022 we are in process of completing agreements with partners for 12,000 ha, 6000 ha, 3000 ha, 2000 ha, 1000 ha, and 500 ha.

WIF is sharing 50% of carbon captured with investors and keeps 50 % for sustainable development and livelihoods for the communities as insurance for forest protection. The average cost of carbon for investors is around 3,50 per ton when issued by VERRA. To be verified yearly after an audit by an independent certified auditor. We welcome companies in search of the offset of carbon footprints, including bio-diversity and social responsibilities according to UN Sustainable Goals.

We welcome partners to join us in restoring 100,000 ha degraded mangrove forests during the next 10 years climate commitment with bio-diversity and community participation.


Determined commitment based on scientific studies and practical experience during 10 years have propelled WIF to rapid expansion in successful mangrove blue carbon climate impact.

Dr. Arne Fjortoft, Secretary General WIF