Science panel

Dr. Ranil Senayake, President Earth Restoration, Chairman Rainforest Rescue International, and founder of Analog Forestry. Dr. Senanayake was the first science consultant at start of WIF mangrove park in 2012. 

Dr. professor Htay Aung, Pathein Unversity. Marine Science Specialist with background from Hawaii University. He has been a partner in WIF projects since 2012. 

Professor Dr. San Tha Tun, Mawlamyaing University. He served as a science advisor from the start of WIF operation in 2012. 

Professor Max Hansson, Karlstad University. He has been an active supporter since 2013, with special assistance in implementing the Orchid Seeds Resue Project. Frequently visiting the clima park as an advisor. 

Professor Dr. Ms. Nang My Han, Forest University. She has been actively involved in WIFs mangrove projects as Head of Marine Science Department at Myeik University since 2012. Professor Dr. Ms. Cherry Aung, Pathein University. Present Head of Marine Science Department and actively engaged in establishing the first sea grass project in cooperation with WIF.

Professor Dr. Martin Zimmer Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) Germany